A well-ventilated and properly installed roof is perhaps the most important service you can do for your home. The roof over your head must be structurally sound and function well in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

You can depend on us to provide you with viable roof replacement solutions while keeping your situation in mind. From standard to complex roofs, our roofing specialists can handle it all. We serve residential clients throughout the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. We offer free consultations. Contact us now.

Roofing Is Not the Place to Cut Corners

Roofing is much more in depth than installing shingles. There is a science to good roofing procedures. The items listed below are most of the major considerations:

  • Chimney, chimney flashings and counter flashing to insure water tightness around chimneys

  • Flashings where dormers meet the roof and where additions attach to the home

  • Plumbing vent stack flashings

  • Special membranes to prevent ice damming

  • Adequate ventilation

  • Condition of roof deck boards or sheathing

  • Condition of the fascia eave trims

Remodelling Services

From installing a new floor in your bathroom to adding more storage space in your kitchen, we can do it all.

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